Network Solutions

we strive to be a total technology solutions provider for all of our clients, large and small. Our team has a diverse skill set, so whether you need to manage a sprawling network, set up an internet marketing campaign, redesign your website, or create a customized shopping cart, we are here to help.

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Hardware Solutions

computer's hardware and software must work together to produce efficient power of computing and if you find some problem with the computer component you look for the hardware solutions. As part of our hardware solutions we provide Laptops, System Accessories, USB Drives, Printer, Scanners, CCTV Cameras, Routers, UPS and many more.

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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance is the term given to the monitoring of behaviour of any kind via videos. The surveillance includes simple, relatively no or low technology methods such as direct observation, observation with binoculars, cameras, CCTVs, postal interception, or similar methods. The greatest impact of video surveillance is the large number of organizations involved in surveillance operations.

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Video Conferencing

IT SOLUTIONS helps our customers save time and money with customized video conferencing solutions. We work closely with our clients to deliver unique, highly reliable solutions that are easy for anyone to use. We stand apart from our competitors because we have true production environment experience. Our experience and expertise have been obtained through the operation of thousands of end points in our 24/7 production environment for our managed service customers

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Thin Client (N-Computing)

NComputing is transforming the affordability and sustainability of the global PC experience. There technology turns everyday desktop systems into powerful multi-user platforms for reliable, low-cost, energy-efficient computing. As many as 30 simultaneous users can access a single PC and enjoy an independent desktop experience.

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Data Recovery

IT SOLUTIONS recovers business critical data lost due to accidental deletion, drive formatting, mechanical drive failure, disk making clicking sounds, virus attack, flood, fire, power surge or even sabotage.

We recover data from hard-disk drives formatted on Windows, Mac and other operating systems. We can recover laptop & desktop hard drive, RAID Servers, NAS Storage, CD-DVD, Removable Drives & other digital devices.

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Customised Solutions as per Requirement

In this fast changing times what you require are relationships and personnel who can handle the relationships and take on the spot decisions
IT SOLUTIONS management believes in empowering all executives in the company to take decisions independently, thereby fostering a think-tank environment.

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Time Attendance and Access Control System

In current scenario where security requirements are becoming stringent, we provide different access control and Identification systems to meet modern security needs. Since all access control decisions are made at the controller level, the system is not dependant on the host PC for normal operation.

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Software Solutions

Software development is what IT SOLUTIONS professionally does for the last 3 years.
We are experts in rapid custom development of web-based, distributed and standalone applications designed to meet your organization's specific requirements and business needs. We follow proven practices that allow for successful project completion, and deliver solutions that exceed customer expectations. We have experience with working with broad range of customers, from individuals to some of the state’s largest companies.

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Web Solutions

We will help you to make your presence felt in the world :

If you are looking for a good website, the answer is IT SOLUTIONS Solutions. . To create an identity in the world arena and boost your business, our firm is the most appropriate one

We provide cost effective, end-to-end business solutions. Known for its prompt service and support our concern is powerful, integrated and flexible. Our expertise in web site designing and development including PHP My SQL Programming,ASP.NET,FLASH script modification

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Internet Leased Port (ILP) / MPLS

IT SOLUTIONS provide leased line Internet connections to a dedicated link between your site and our nearest Point of Presence (POP) connecting you to our high performance Internet backbone, providing your business with access to our carrier-grade Internet service.

The digital leased lines or private circuits over which the bandwidth is provided are permanently connected to our network offering high levels of performance, reliability and security.

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Web Hosting

Our suite of hosting services caters to the different and divergent needs of clients, whether you are looking for a shared hosting service with minimal cost and maintenance or if you want a dedicated internet infrastructure for your growing internet applications

IT SOLUTIONS can do it for you. From small and medium businesses to large conglomerates, we have reliable and pertinent hosting solutions for your individual requirements.

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Hughes(Connect to a Future)

IT SOLUTIONS offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of hosting services. Hughes is the market leader in providing unmatched communication services through quality, commitment, innovation and leadership for large enterprises, governments, small businesses, and consumers.

IT SOLUTIONS can do it for you. From small and medium businesses to large conglomerates, we have reliable and pertinent hosting solutions for your individual requirements.

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Unified Threat Management

Cyberoam Unified Threat Management appliances, available as hardware and virtual appliances, offer comprehensive security to organizations, ranging from large enterprises to small and branch offices. Multiple security features integrated over a single, Layer 8 Identity-based platform make security simple, yet highly effective.

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